About us

—— Pujiang Dali Iron Chain is a professional manufacturer of various iron chains, Mainly include snow chains, lock chains, circular chains, square chains, hexagonal chains, twisted chains, woven chains, railing chains, animal chains, decorative chains, spare tire chains, etc. ——

Pujiang Dali Iron Chain CO.,LTD was strated in 1990 and has grow through the years by offering high quality iron chains and snow chain. Our products are sold in Europe, American.the Middle East, Southeast Asia.

We owns advanced producing equipment and testing equipment,products snow chain,link chains,square chains,hexagon chains,twisted chains,knotted chains,lock chains,animal chains,decorative chains. which could proceed the pull forcetest,hardness test,salt fog test,metallographic analysis.And product can be heat treatment .zinc plated, gold plated, and plastic coated,to make anti-pull, anti-cut, anti-saw, and anti-rust is good.

We want you to know who we are and how we operate to increase your comfort level in buying from us. Our commitment to our product and our customers is our primary goal.